The State of Campeche in Mexico located within the Yucatan peninsula, has several local places to enjoy and delight ,for national and international visitors. In San Francisco de Campeche (the capital city) you have many activities at your disposal.  As well outside of it, there are many things to do in Campeche today.

Cartel de "Bienvenidos a Campeche" si vas en coche. Qué hacer en Campeche.

Ready to see what to do in Campeche?

Just to clarify. Campeche is a Mexican state and San Francisco de Campeche is the capital city but many times it is known as Campeche and it can generate confusion so Welcome to Campeche!

1. From land to sea (or vice versa) on 59th Street

This is a required experience when visiting San Francisco de Campeche to measure the pulse of this beautiful colonial city.

Start your tour from Puerta de Tierra and end at Puerta del Mar. And don’t just walk, fill yourself with color, get lost in the streets that traverse, and visit some other place on your path. If you do it late at night it has a plus with many places to have dinner and eat.

To delve more into the Campeche culture, I recommend the following tours in Campeche:

• Guided tour of Campeche

Private tour in Campeche (price per group)

• Free tour of Campeche

• Other tours in Campeche

Qué hacer en Campeche, México.
48 horas en Campeche Mexico.

2. Shall we go by tram?

If walking is not your thing or you want to combine another way of knowing Campeche, it is also through a tram route. You will go in the company of a guide, who will explain the points of the city, including some anecdotes and legends.

Qué hacer en Campeche, tranvía.

3.  Do you like lights and colors?

Almost every day of the week in the summer season, at 8pm and for 30 minutes, enjoy an impressive play of lights in front of the Main Park. This public area becomes a kind of theater with a lot of color. Do not expect live artists, but a lively show that includes color, sound and dance guaranteed. A show that I recommend to see.

4. Taste the hearty gastronomy

From coconut shrimp, panuchos, synchronized, fresh waters, tamales, empanadas, dogfish bread, cochinita pibil, and without a doubt, the famous Mexican tacos.

Do not forget to try local food in any way, which includes among its ingredients the fresh fruits of the sea, given the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico that bathes its shores. When you have the opportunity, ask for the shrimp cocktail.

Aprende todo sobre el PAN DE CAZÓN y mucho más

5. Wear your Jipi hat

It is worth buying your Jipi hat in Campeche, so take advantage of buying it in the land where these hats are made. Given the proximity you can have it at very good prices. Very useful for other trips  to avoid the strong rays of the sunlight.

Qué hacer en Campeche.

6. Visit the magic hands in Bécal

But if  you want  to be in a  in situ how they make what you have bought in the previous experience, what better than to see how they are made with magical hands, the hats of Jipi in Bécal. You can also take advantage of buying other samples, souvenirs or gifts of art in Bécal, cradle of artisans.

Becal Campeche cuna Sombrero de Jipi en México.

7. Hold on tight. Let’s go to the other side on the zip line!

An experience that fills with excitement and adrenaline at the same time.

Jump on the zip line  and pass with spectacular views of one of the cenotes in the Miguel Colorado tourist center. It is an hour and a half drive from San Francisco de Campeche.

8. Swim about 100 meters in a cenote in Campeche

After the pure adrenaline of the zip line, what better to cool off in the cenote, where you had fly by before. It is a refreshing experience that after the excitement of being up there, it is worth it. You can also kayak in a totally natural environment.

There are many more cenotes in Campeche, so go ahead and ask the campechanos or the tourist office that are found in various parts of the city, such as the Main Park or Puerta del Mar.

Cenote Miguel Colorado en Campeche.

9. Visit Edzná: a rich Mayan past

Not far from the city is one of the archaeological sites of the state, the Mayan site of Edzná. Enjoy and soak your pupils with this rich past that is wonderfully preserved.

Edzná en Campeche.

Do not be strange to find many iguanas on your way. Take advantage «hunting» them with your camera, thus having memorable memories.

Iguanas en Edzná, Campeche.

10. Since we are close: luxury and history at Hacienda Uayamón

If you can stay at Hacienda Uayamón, do it without fear. If this is not the case, why not go to eat in its magnificent restaurant, which has a careful menu of local and international food. In addition, it has a pool in a landowner environment that you will surely like.

Haciendo Uayamón en Campeche.
Hotel Hacienda Uayamón en Campeche.

11. Visit Calakmul

The Mayan urban center of Calakmul is one of the largest ever discovered and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We left Campeche by rental car and it took us several hours to get there (I remember about 5). It is an unmissable stop to do in Campeche that we definitely recommend to have a more complete view of the state of Campeche.

Calakmul : Zonas arqueológicas México : Sistema de Información  Cultural-Secretaría de Cultura

12. Feeling Campechano  Yes sir!

You may be there for a short time, although I warn you that you will want to return, and do more in Campeche than you would like, since it is very engaging.

The Campechanos will make you feel Campechano, so if you have a chance to make friends, go ahead.

Qué hacer en Campeche.

Other things to do in Campeche

To warm up your engines for your future visits, you should know that in San Francisco de Campeche there are more tourist places and of interest

In this article I give you many ideas, for example, if you have 48 hours in Campeche or a weekend.

What was said, I hope you enjoy. Rest assured that there is a lot, lot more to experience in Campeche.

What else can we add to these experiences to do in Campeche?

Translated by Patricia Rubio



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