Although Campeche is in stage 1 of the contingency plan by COVID-19, the State Committee on Health Safety strengthens actions to contain the presence of the epidemic in the state, for which reason an expansionary strategy has been launched of prevention and control in areas of greater risk and the National Day of Healthy Distance is applied with the suspension from today of massive events in closed places, and from March 23 to April 17 of educational activities and some of a cultural nature.

During a cabinet meeting led by Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González together with the heads of the Legislative branches, Ramón Méndez Lanz and Judicial, Miguel Ángel Chuc López, it was established that Campeche will follow the recommendations issued by the federal government to prevent the spread of the virus, since until today there is only the record of an imported suspicious case.

«We are going to continue working and acting responsibly, so the call to the population is to remain calm and quiet,» asked the president at the meeting that took place at the House of Governors, where he was also accompanied by the Secretary General of the Government, Pedro Armentía López.

He underscored the importance of coordination between federal and state health institutions, while signifying that with the installation of the State Committee on Health Safety – on March 2 – Campeche strengthened joint efforts in decision-making to deal with the contingency.

He also informed that only those government events that the health authorities themselves advise will be held and called the campechanos to team up and stay informed through official channels so that there is no confusion about the situation that prevails in the state.

At the meeting, where more than 50 state officials from the areas of social, educational, productive, economic, security, tourism, sports and services were present, the Secretary of Health, José Luis González Pinzón, reported on the current situation and the prevention and control measures of COVID-19.

He reported the actions carried out on the occasion of Ironman 70.3, which included the placement of filters, training, orientation, tours of hotels and visits to the areas of Champotón, Sabancuy and the Camino Real.

Regarding the suspicious case that a person from Ciudad del Carmen was detected yesterday, he specified that the patient is isolated and today the corresponding clinical test is being run.

He stressed that Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche and Calkiní have been identified as risk areas due to their proximity to Yucatan, so the prevention strategy has been expanded to other points and inspection filters have been installed on the bridges of La Unidad and Zacatal, In addition, those in Santa Adelaida and Nuevo Campechito are in the process of being assembled.

He stressed that in Campeche there will also be follow-up to the National Sana Distance Day that has been recommended by the federal government and that includes, among other actions, the application of basic prevention measures such as frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette and distance greeting ; the temporary suspension of non-essential activities, referring to those that do not affect the substantive work of the institutions, and the protection and care of older adults.

Likewise, it recommended maintaining social distancing by staying at home with the aim of cutting the transmission chain. «We are in stage 1, of viral import, because in the state we have not yet confirmed any positive case; however, it is time to make the pertinent recommendations as it is a matter of time before the disease occurs, «he said.

For his part, the Secretary of Education, Ricardo Koh Cambranis, reported that as a follow-up to the indications that the federal health authorities have given, the classes will be suspended from Monday, March 23 to April 17 in all public and private educational institutions. , including normal and teacher training schools; on March 18 the basic education sports games are canceled and for the 21 the Bimbo Cup, since it would concentrate around 170 teams.

He specified that there will be classes from March 17 to 20, and on the 23rd only the teachers should go to the extraordinary technical council, where the provisions that will be carried out to complement the learning of the students will be announced.

He explained that the health commission will be installed in the school participation councils, school filters will be established, activities in the schoolyard patios will be suspended and cleaning will begin.

On the subject of culture, it was determined to follow the guidelines recommended by the National Day of Sana Distance, so that from the 23rd the training centers will suspend their activities, as well as in theaters and auditoriums because they are closed places.

Previously, Armentía López pointed out that the decisions that have been taken are the result of technical analyzes, for which he urged the population not to be alarmed, but to follow the recommendations that the health authorities issue to avoid the spread of the virus.

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