…They invite you to visit the vast number of museums that the entity has

…Museums play a determining role in generating spaces for reflection and production of knowledge about heritage and culture

Within the framework of World Selfie Day in Museums, the general director of the Cultural Heritage Authority of the State of Campeche (APCEC), Rosa del Carmen Olvera Salinas, made an attentive invitation to the people of Campeche  And Touristic to visit the vast amount of museums that the entity has.

These places play a determining role in generating spaces for reflection and production of knowledge about heritage and culture. From this perspective, they contribute to the integration of the economic, social and human potential of local communities and the most vulnerable groups.

With their exhibitions, museums raise public awareness about the development of societies, cultural exchanges, mutual understanding, cooperation and peace between peoples.

They are an important link between the community, history, art and traditions, therefore, this initiative that takes place on the third Wednesday in January and has spread throughout the world, has the objective of bringing the public closer to all kinds of museums.

Through the portal of the Cultural Information System (SIC MÉXICO), interested parties can obtain information about the various museums located in the municipalities:

Calakmul: Introductory Room to the Archaeological Zone of Calakmul
Calkiní: Bécal Community Museum.
Carmen: Victoriano Niévez Céspedes Museum, University Museum of Sciences and Arts.
Champotón: Champotón Museum.
Hecelchakán: Camino Real Museum of Mayan Archeology.

Campeche: The Cultural Center Palace; Museum of Mayan Architecture, Bastion of Our Lady of Solitude; Casa 6 Cultural Center; Bastion of Santa Rosa; Bastion of San Carlos; General State Archive Museum; Museum of Sacred Art located in the Jesús Nazareno chapel; University Museum of Life; Museum of Underwater Archeology, Fort San José El Alto; Museum of Mayan Archeology, Fort of San Miguel and the Site Museum of the Edzná Archaeological Zone.
Palizada: Palizada Museum.

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