The Secretary of Health of the Executive Power of the State of Campeche, urges the business sector to implement measures that safeguard the health and safety of its workers and join the provisions of the National Day of Healthy Distance.

The Secretary of Health, José Luis González Pinzón asked for the participation of the private sector to carry out access controls, coexistence and hygiene in company facilities, but mainly preventive information actions to avoid risks of contagion or disinformation.

The purpose is only to apply the basic measures, which help preserve health by avoiding COVID-19 infections in the entity, for this reason it is the temporary suspension of non-essential activities, rescheduling of mass concentration events, and greater protection to older adults, girls, boys and pregnant women.

Caution and safety of everyone is vital, so it is recommended to reduce the capacity by 50 percent to the maximum capacity, mainly in closed and public spaces such as restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, and try to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between each person.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that the people with the highest risk of complications in case of COVID-19 infection are adults over 65 years of age or older; pregnant women; those with chronic degenerative conditions and immunosuppressed people or concomitant diseases.

As well as with people with conditions that are medically justified, and those who present respiratory illnesses that have been observed during their workday and / or at home.

In these places, basic prevention measures must be applied, such as frequent hand washing, respiratory etiquette, remote greeting and effective recovery, as well as permanent disinfection at the end of each day.

In the work centers, the records of checkers or access with fingerprint reader must be suspended and have work plans at home or contingency, reduce the influx of personnel in the offices, use elevators to half their maximum capacity in order to keep a correct distance and place a person who is the only one who presses the buttons.

The Ministry of Health encourages private owners to participate with the inspectors of the Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks of the State (Copriscam), who, during this period, will monitor compliance with preventive provisions in establishments in favor of preserving the health of the citizenship.

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