«The best prevention right now is to stay at home, remember that if we lose health, we lose everything.» Stay at home!
The Secretary of Health of the Executive Power of the State, José Luis González Pinzón exhorts the population to comply with the measures of physical contact and stay at home, before the decision of the Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González to suspend the administrative work indefinitely, an action according to the epidemiological panorama of Mexico and Campeche and in an act of the highest responsibility for the protection of the health of citizens.

In an audiovisual message, González Pinzón emphasized «for Campeche, this week is crucial in preventing the accelerated spread of infections, and the best way to stop this emergency at this time is by staying at home.»

He stressed that health sector workers remain in the forefront, safeguarding the safety and well-being of thousands and thousands of families. «We do not minimize or dismiss this work, we have an obligation for which we have prepared ourselves all our lives, which is to seek the health of the inhabitants without distinction and in a timely manner.»

Informed of the installed capacity of the health sector, it guarantees attention to cases of illness due to the virus, the medical units that are available and the exclusive infrastructure for those who require hospitalization.

«The health sector does not disregard its responsibility, but we cannot put a doctor, nurse, specialist for each citizen to monitor compliance with the recommendations, this is an individual responsibility with a collective benefit,» he said.

On the other hand, the regulatory board extends the suspension of activities for the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places such as bars, nightclubs, billiards, canteens, among others, and in restaurants, its capacity is restricted by up to 50 percent.

«Aware that some of our decisions affect the social and economic environment, but sometimes, like now, we have no choice but to expand the containment measures that healthy distance recommends,» said González Pinzón.

He added that the Ministry of Health has reinforcement at border crossings, in access to migrants, in the arrival of agricultural day laborers, students who return to the city, in the tourist spots of the municipalities, as well as in the most remote areas of the municipal heads.

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