It is believed the singer made inactive his handle after the Brazilian soccer player appeared in a video mocking his song “Hawái.”


Did  Maluma  deactivate his Instagram account because he couldn‘t handle the heat? Well, it is that, or perhaps he is just trying to get over a broken heart without drama or mockery. According to El Universal, the singer made inactive his handle after Brazilian soccer player Neymar appeared in a video alongside his friends singing “Hawái” — the Colombian new single.

Puede que no te haga falta na‘, aparentemente na’ Hawái de vacaciones, mis felicitaciones, muy lindo en Instagram lo que posteas, pa’ que yo vea cómo te va, pa’ que yo vea,” is the verse the athlete can be seen and heard singing while applauding and laughing. Allegedly, “Hawái” lyrics are dedicated to model Natalia Barulich, Maluma’s ex-girlfriend, and Neymar’s current partner.

“So Maluma closed his Instagram because Neymar was singing the song that he wrote for Natalia, and Natalia is now with Ney, but Maluma was a friend of Neymar,” tweeted a fan sharing the video.

A source close to PageSix revealed that Barulich had no idea about “Hawái” and that Maluma released the song without giving her the heads up. “Maluma did not tell Natalia about the song,” they reported. “He wrote it based on his own personal experiences.”

Although Maluma never mentions Barulich nor Neymar during the song or the music video, there are specific hints hard to miss. During the first scene of the video, the 26-years-old singer is arguing with his girlfriend, played by fitness model Yovanna Ventura. “The relationship is becoming toxic,” Ventura says at the beginning of the video.

This suggestion can have a connection with previous comments Maluma’s ex-girlfriend made. During an episode of Danny Morel’s podcast released back in June, Natalia Barulich revealed that her relationship with Maluma turned “toxic,” and she was giving her all by a “1000%” while at the same time she was just “receiving 20%.”

When the “Pretty Boy” sings “La foto que subiste con él diciendo que era tu cielo/ Bebé, yo te conozco tan bien, sé que fue pa’ darme celos/ No te diré quién, pero llorando por mí te vieron,” can also be linked to Maluma commenting on Barulich‘s photos with with Neymar.

Barulich and Maluma met on set after she participated as his love interest in the video of “Felices Los 4.” Two years later, the couple called it quits, because the 28-years-old model and DJ wasn’t “happy” with the Latin Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter.

Recently, the singer was spotted outside a New York City restaurant kissing a mystery woman; however, earlier this year, he revealed he has a massive crush on supermodel Kendall Jenner. “Everybody knows that my celebrity crush is Kendall Jenner. I’m going to say it again, she’s my crush!” he said in an interview with Access Hollywood.

The Latin singer also opened up and said he is willing to give love another chance. “I want to have a girlfriend. I wanna get married one day. I wanna have a family – that’s one of my biggest dreams in my life – but I think I’m too young for that. I just turned 26 years old, and I don’t feel like that’s what I want right now, and my career is just starting,” he said.

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