The president and director of Sales International, Jorge Sales, talks about the present and future of exclusive travel.

By: Monserrat Ortiz

When the health contingency for the Covid-19 ends, after the closure due to social distance, people will start traveling. The desire to visit international destinations will begin later this year, said Jorge Sales, founder of Sales International during a videoconference with Dream Destinations.

For Jorge Sales, the best option to experience the world after the pandemic is exclusive trips that, unlike traditional ones, offer unforgettable experiences.

The travel experience begins at the airport

«The experience of an exclusive trip begins when we set foot at the airport,» explains Sales. «We have the representation of Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW) and it is a place that strives to make the passenger feel comfortable enough that they want to go through there and not through another airport.»

Located between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, the International Airport emits flights throughout the world and in more than 250 cities in the United States.

The air port not only works as a connection space between flights, but also offers luxurious amenities for users, such as private suites to rest and cubicles equipped to work; a barber shop and shoe shine service; a children’s play area; a yoga studio to relax the body and mind and even an area dedicated to pets, among other amenities.

Hotels for a true travel experience

More than lodging, a hotel can become the best experience for those who want to travel international tourist destinations. Jorge Sales recommends all of the Mandarin Oriental chain, for its «oriental tradition combined with European taste. And each one has its own touch that makes it unique. ”

These are the hotels that the CEO of Sales Internacional recommends for the beauty of its corners but also for the quality of services, amenities and customer service:

The Saint James Paris hotel, by Relais & Chateaux, is a space designed with class and elegance. “It is the only hotel in Paris that has a huge garden. Before being a hotel, it was the Saint James Club and still maintains that old and luxurious status. ”

In the same European city is the Mandarin Oriental Paris, located in the middle of the boutiques on Rue Saint-Honoré, near Place Vendôme. Jorge Sales talks about his experience:

“One night, while staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, I went down to the bar and asked the waiters that shift for a whiskey. At the same time the next day I returned, but the waiters were others. I sat down and before asking for anything, someone comes up to me and says, the same thing yesterday, Mr. Sales? These are the experiences that are enjoyed with this type of hotel because the staff is trained to recognize their clients and give them the best experience. ”

In Geneva, Switzerland, there is the Mandarin Oriental Geneva. Surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Rhone river «it is one of the most recommended destinations for those who want to travel on business,» Sales explains.

Also from the Mandarin Oriental chain, the branch in Marrakech is located 5 minutes from the city and has 20 hectares of gardens and world famous restaurants. «There, the rooms look like apartments with a garden and a pool in each one.»

In Turkey is the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, which offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea: “The hotel has an experience where you can have breakfast by the pool every morning and watch a hot air balloon show. The rooms were built in the style of caves and each one has personalized touches to offer a different experience ”, explains Jorge Sales.

Travel consultants: the best allies

When planning an exceptional and experienced trip, it is better to consult with a professional travel consultant than to buy packages online. “In Mexico there is a group of highly prestigious travel consultants. If you want a luxury and classy trip, check with someone who knows. «

Jorge Sales considers that contingency should be an apprenticeship for those who differ in their plans; and the opportunity for them, once it is finished, to begin to materialize their goals, especially traveling: “I wish they can live and enjoy it. Category experiences are valuable and not necessarily cost a lot of money, but effort to get it. Now that we get out of this, hopefully we can take a walk and take advantage because we don’t know what can happen next ”.

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