…Before there was no training for police officers, everything was a lie
…This generation must be the spearhead for an authentic change in police training
…The Governor delivered rehabilitation works for two basic level schools

“Before there was no training for police officers, anyone could do it, one week and they were ready. They did not train anyone, it was a lie, so today, they will have to be the pride of Campeche and they will have to be the best police in the country,» said the Governor of the State, Layda Sansores San Román, in front of 100 cadets that make up the fourth generation of the State Preventive Police (PEP).
And it is that in an intense work tour, the Governor visited this Wednesday two educational establishments that were completely rehabilitated in the traditional neighborhood of Santa Ana; she also attended the beginning of the training of the cadets of the Twentieth Generation of the State Police in the facilities of the Higher Institute of Public Security, in the town of Kila, Lerma.
The president highlighted the great work of the agents, but specified that it is necessary to make them the best in the country, because «today is a holiday in my heart, we want new people in this police force, who have passion and to be willing to be a symbol of force, to be the best police in the country”.
«This generation must be the spearhead for an authentic change in police training that meets the demands of society,» she stressed.
She commented that it is necessary for the future police elements to be a great team to give another face to the police work in Campeche. She remembered her father, former Governor Carlos Sansores Pérez, and the father of her romantic partner, were part of the police and therefore she feels that it is necessary to recover the true essence of police officers.
For her part, the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Protection and Security (SPSC) Marcela Muñoz Martínez, in the presence of the Secretary of Government, Aníbal Ostoa Ortega, and the executive secretary of the State Public Security Council, Javier Herrera Valles, highlighted that they are more than $10 million from the Public Safety Contribution Fund (FASP) which are invested in the training of future police officers.
The training will be in charge of the Higher Institute of Public Security of the State of Sonora, which has well-trained teachers to be in charge of the cadets who aspire to be part of the PEP of Campeche.
Previously, Governor Sansores San Román presided over the delivery of two schools that were rehabilitated and in which they invested just over $9 million from the state and federal governments; These are the “Francisca Vasto Lara” kindergarten and the “Benito Juárez” primary school.
In the «Francisca Vasto Lara» kindergarten, the Secretary of Education, Raúl Pozos Lanz, thanked the support of the Federal Government and her president; «For this the Governor instructed us, so that we were attentive, because this campus was beautiful.»
He elaborated that this is an investment by the Federal Government headed by the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and by the state administration, through the «La Escuela es Nuestra» program, through the Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure of the State. of Campeche (INIFEEC), where $2.8 million were invested in the rehabilitation.
It should be noted that the school has been in existence for 66 years and is an iconic institution in the traditional neighborhood of Santa Ana, for which Governor Layda Sansores highlighted the great coordinated work for the benefit of the school’s boys and girls, also, He pointed out that his government provides results and will continue to transform education throughout the state geography.
«Children are blessed beings who brighten our lives and illuminate the future,» said the Governor, who at this event met with women activists from the ’97 movement to whom she expressed her affection and gratitude.
Lastly, she went to the Tomás Aznar neighborhood, for the inauguration of the construction of the plaza and roof, as well as the teaching classrooms of the “Benito Juárez” primary school, where an investment of $6.2 million was made.
In the presence of dozens of students, the Governor thanked the support of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for carrying out these actions for the benefit of the children.

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