On January 3, the governor of Campeche announced the temporary suspension of the transmission; however, she did made it known that the transmission will return for a second season.

The governor announced the start of the second season of the broadcast (Twitter/@LaydaSansores)

Through her official Twitter account, the governor indicated that the program became popular by presenting alleged audios of the national president of the PRI, Alejandro Alito Moreno Cárdenas, it will return for the second season.

However, contrary to her interest in revealing alleged acts of corruption by the leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), she announced that she will issue a message from Aeroméxico, for which she asked journalist Javier Tejado to be attentive.

«Message to Aeroméxico, attention, Javier Tejado, see you tonight at #MartesDelJaguar at 8 p.m., in the 1st episode of the 2nd season», could be read this Tuesday, January 10.

The governor of Campeche will give a message to Aeroméxico (Twitter/@LaydaSansores)

According to what the governor announced, at the beginning of the broadcast, the message would have to do with a new audio against the PRI, for which a new alleged test against the PRI leader is guaranteed, despite the fact that the authorities had forbidden.

In the first video there is a conversation with Lieutenant Jorge Álvarez, who is the boss of Alito’s driver, in which he asked him to speak with different personalities in order to see special contracts for houses, apartments and cars, especially with the lawyer Javier Tejado, currently adviser for Televisa, presumably.

“Directly to Lic. Javier Tejado. I am going to give you the issue of an apartment, a key, check everything that is paid for, and we need nine places, I think he has assigned about six and is asking for another three”

He even asked him that if «the lady», presumably his wife, spoke, he would say that he was at the house of the founder of the organization Sí por México, Claudio X. González; Likewise, he was talking about weapons and asking her to pick up a person – a woman who is not his wife – to take her to a special place, where she would meet Moreno.

In the second, a conversation with Javier Tejado was shown, in which he asked the former governor of Campeche to allegedly work on the Campeche campaign towards 2021, for which the PRI leader would give him refuge in the entity; action that he appreciated because he could also took his parents.

The lawyer would help the PRI member how to present his patrimonial declaration, especially with debates about the enrichment that he would have had. “Perfect, whatever you tell me is fine. Go ahead, you send it to me and forward so that I can send it ”, is what Alito said every time they sent him his speeches.

However, in the conversations, Moreno Cárdenas came out against Senators Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Dulce María Sauri and even the deceased René Juárez, whom he allegedly accused of creating a hostile environment against him within the tricolor.

«(…) They obviously bring a movement that they put as a leader within the PRI to be chingand* that is headed by Encarnación Alfaro, who was the formula of Ivonne Ortega and who worked with René Juárez, so all they want is ching* r heading to the candidacies, as it always is, ”Moreno allegedly explained in the chat that was presented.

Such comments would have come from an alleged claim by Alito Moreno against the National Action Party (PAN) and the governor of Yucatán, Mauricio Villa, whom he accused supposedly having requested more budget for PRI senators, especially senator Ramírez Marín, but not having supported PRI causes.

Whereupon, he asked the journalist to also help him unfreeze his accounts; With all of the above, the communicator created a speech for him so that he could attend an interview and defend himself against the accusations against him.

Finally, on this subject, the governor accused Alito Moreno of using flights in the company of Javier Tejado, on the airline Aeroméxico, on multiple occasions, for which she pointed out an alleged conflict of interest.

The governor launched herself against Alito and showed alleged airplane flights (Twitter/@LaydaSansores)

On the other hand, the governor recalled that she has 20 processes against her, which are divided into eight protections in the law, three human rights complaints, five criminal proceedings, one civil lawsuit and four electoral proceedings, the vast majority of which are processes that began Moreno Cárdenas against her.

To all of the above, the governor Sansores referred that she has responded with 15 procedures, which are divided into five lawsuits for moral damages, five criminal procedures for hate crimes and five electoral procedures for political violence based on gender.

The governor recalled the legal proceedings against her (Twitter/@LaydaSansores

The promise of Layda Sansores for the Mayan Train

During the beginning of the chapter, the governor indicated that she made a promise with her mate Romeo Ruiz Armenta, with whom she has been with for more than four decades, in  case the event that the Mayan Train is inaugurated in December 2023, as promised by President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO).

She «promise»that it would consist of getting married, although she did not explain if by civil law or by some religious rule; situation that caused her laughter, since she indicated that she has been with her mate for many years, just living together, but she said that the size of her faith that the megaproject of the Fourth Transformation is consolidated in the entity that she governs .

Finally, on another topic, the morenista took advantage of the broadcast to remember «the work» that has done the head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, since she indicated that accidents on the Metro lines happen in all parts of the world and denied that her party partner is the intellectual author of any of these.

Traslated by Patricia Rubio
Edited information from national media and social networks.

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