«He only falls asleep, criticizes and looks out for his interests,» said the governor of Campeche

In the Martes del Jaguar, the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores San Román, evidenced bad practices of the Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) party, headed by its national coordinator, Dante Delgado Rannauro, of whom she said that «he only falls asleep, critical and look out for their interests”.

Sansores San Román assured that the MC leader is only there for convenience, that he is the owner of said political institute, either with a position as a senator or as a deputy, but he is only there for his own interests and is a «misogynist«.

In the program they exposed a network of contracts in Campeche capital, where the beneficiary was Daniel Barreda, president of MC in the state, through his mother, Gloria Pavón, benefited from cleaning contracts, and his uncle, Eder Pavón, also with cleaning and security contracts, all for the municipality of Campeche, for more than 20 million pesos.

Regarding Dante Delgado, she asserted that there is already a limit and he is beginning to rave, «Dante the arrogant», of whom she exposed a photograph in which he sleeps in full session in the Senate.

On the other hand, during the program the deputy Liz Hernández was present, who launched an SOS (help) through the Sáinz de Baranda market in the capital, and exhibited photographs of abandonment, garbage, where there are only rats and cockroaches at night, in addition to lack of painting and maintenance, but also pointed out that there is abandonment in parks in the state capital.

In comparison, they showed the case of the Alonso Felipe de Andrade market in Carmen, exposed to show that it is in good condition and with maintenance actions.

They also pointed out that in Carmen they have made 43 parks and in Campeche capital only three in the current administrations, also a greater attention in ejidos in Carmen, in infrastructure such as sidewalks since while in Campeche it is 5 kilometers in Carmen it is 50 kilometers.

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