• Governor attends the presentation of the first chapter of the series called A Place Called Mexico
  • Palizada, first episode of the documentary series
  • It will be broadcast on channel Once on February 2 at 8:30 p.m.

Governor Layda Sansores San Román attended the presentation of the first episode referring to the municipality of Palizada, out of a total of eight episodes of the series called A Place Called Mexico, which will be broadcast on February 2 at 8:30 p.m. the channel El Once, as well as on its digital platform

In the «Francisco de Paula Toro» City Theater, in the company of the Secretary of Government, Aníbal Ostoa Ortega and hundreds of people from Campeche, the Governor witnessed this new alternative way of knowing, appreciating and valuing the emblematic and archaeological sites of Campeche, as well as its natural beauties and above all the rich culture that the state has to offer.

Before the presentation of the first episode, the director of channel Once, Carlos Brito Lavalle, highlighted that for a long time the municipalities of the state of Campeche were forgotten and marginalized from federal investments, causing many cultural and archaeological sites to fall into abandonment, but today history is being rewritten with the joint work of the state and federal administration to create projects and promote heritage, and with this benefit their communities.

In addition, he stressed that carrying out this series was not an easy task since it requires quite arduous teamwork and very fine research and documentation work that was only possible thanks to alliances with #UNESCO and #INAH, «but Mainly, this first season would not be possible without the Government of the State of Campeche, which opened the door of its house to us, which allowed us to carry out these first eight chapters».

For her part, the director of the INAH Campeche Center, Adriana Velázquez Barlet, stressed that this series is a visual testimony that will uphold the country, highlighting its historical value and the work of researchers, anthropologists and archaeologists; while the life chronicler of Champotón, Tomás Arnábar Gunam, in a brief participation spoke of the natural, cultural and historical beauties of Campeche for what is Cultural Patrimony of Humanity.

The documentary series «A Place Called Mexico» was created with the intention of recognizing and respecting the value of the nation by portraying the natural beauty of the country, where nature reserves and emblematic characters from every corner are the protagonists of this trip.
The cultural routes begin in the state of Campeche with the Magic Town of Palizada and later will be the municipality of Candelaria, highlighting its overflowing jungle that is fed by the river that bears the same name and that travels from Guatemala to Mexico and then Calakmul, to highlight the archaeological zone of transcendence and incomparable beauty.
The event, which was enlivened by the Camareta de Champotón orchestra, was attended by the municipal presidents of Palizada, Angelita Cámara Damas and of Candelaria, Francisco Farias Bailón; the Secretary of Tourism, Mauricio Arceo Piña; the president of the Board of Trustees of the Campeche State DIF System, Laura Sansores San Román; and the head of the Social Communication Unit of the Government of the State of Campeche, Walther David Patrón Bacab, the Director of the Institute for Women of the State of Campeche, Vania Kelleher, among others.

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