… We will consolidate the energy sector and encourage other businesses to support the economy of the region, contributing to the vocations of the state and connecting with Tren Maya Campeche to bring to fruition.

… Campeche is the main oil producer in Mexico, with over 50% of domestic crude oil production, ranking 12th worldwide, which makes the state a national strategic point.

… The policy of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, will positively boost port activity, bringing tangible benefits to society.

The energy vocation of Campeche represents one of the main strengths of the state and from the ports, with the support of Governor Layda Sansores San Román, we are building the best strategy to develop new maritime-port businesses that boost the economy of the State and the country. , affirmed the general director of APICAM, Agapito Ceballos Fuentes, during the presentation of the Priority Project: Cabotage and Short Distance Maritime Transport, headed by Captain Ana Laura López Bautista, general coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of SEMAR.

In the presence of the Secretary of Economic Development, Fernando Gamboa Rosas, who attended with the governor’s representation, he maintained that APICAM is fulfilling the instruction to be the facilitators so that the port community and companies contribute to the economic development of the State, through the ports of Campeche, because this project will make it possible to take advantage of our seas and port infrastructure, to transport large quantities of merchandise at a lower cost than that currently represented by land transport, making the transit of cabotage in all ports more agile. from Mexico.

He recalled that APICAM’s strategy is focused on generating greater infrastructure and better port services, since we have the largest and most diversified port community in the country, with Isla del Carmen being the main port of Campeche, considered the most important logistics platform. of the oil industry in Mexico, for being the axis of support work for the oil exploration and production area of ​​the Sonda de Campeche, which places the entity as the main oil producer in the country and number 12 worldwide , which makes us a national strategic point.

“Today we want to consolidate the energy sector and promote other businesses that support the economy of the region, helping with the vocations of the state, connecting with the Mayan Train to bring Campeche to a safe port and taking advantage of the fact that cabotage in the port terminals is traffic which mostly represents us, due to the offshore navigation that supports the oil sector, this being one of the most important in the country. Faced with a complex scenario in the global economy, particularly in the energy sector, Campeche port system is strengthened to meet these great challenges of today, «he said.

In his message, the owner of the SEDECO, Fernando Gamboa Rosas, stressed that our company has over 100 kilometers of coastline Yucatan and Tabasco five times; It has a privileged strategic geographical position and, in addition, there is a commitment to the development of the southeast promoted by the government of the Republic, which is shared by Governor Sansores San Román to address the backwardness of the region.

For his part, López Bautista stressed that the mandate of his management seeks to encourage port infrastructure, reduce freight transport costs, improve intermodal connectivity, convert ports into logistics platforms, and encourage Cabotage and TMCD, for which intersecretarial seeks participation, involving cargo owners, shippers, ports and customs, as well as coordinated work with the Integral port Administration (API).

As part of her agenda of activities in Campeche lands, the general coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine of the Secretary of the Navy made a working visit to the ports of Lerma and Seybaplaya, to detect opportunities for the development of Cabotage and TMCD and create a window for the exchange of best practices. She previously listened to the projects that APICAM intends to develop in the entity.

They attended the event, master mariner Maria Abarca Marisa Hernandez, Executive Director of Maritime Port Priority Projects, as well as holders of the Office of the Governor, Armando Toledo Jamit; from the Planning Secretaries, Miguel Ángel Gallardo López; and Administration, Jezrrael Larracilla Pérez. In addition, members of the maritime and port community, comprising consignatarias agencies, assignees, service providers and operators and entrepreneurs from the field and municipal authorities.

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