Layda Sansores explained that the candidate for governor of Coahuila would have held various conversations with the PRI leader throughout 2020.

On the program Jagua on Tuesdays: Manolo Jiménez creates trusts funds to hide campaign resources.

During the most recent broadcast of the program «Martes del Jaguar», the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, presented a series of conversations that Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the PRI, would have sustained in 2019 and 2020 with Manolo Jiménez, current candidate for governor of Coahuila by the Citizen Alliance for Security.

The chats that the state governor showed began in the period in which Jiménez Salinas was mayor of Saltillo. Most of the talks that the Coahuilense had with «Alito» Moreno were focused on the activities of the tricolor party in the face of the 2021 elections, as well as on the official acts of both official functionarys.

However, there were two themes that stood out from the rest. On April 8, 2020, just days after a nationwide health emergency was declared due to the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus, Moreno Cárdenas shared an update with Jiménez about an apparent social media campaign. against the National Action (PAN) and the Democratic Revolution (PRD) parties.

The issue of the attacks against these political forces was their refusal to hand over party resources to attend to the health contingency, something that the PRI would had accepted.

«Very good decision. Behind the scenes you can see how they control that money through the trust fund so that Peje doesn’t get screwed hahaha. He is very tricky, they fell into the trap and the PRI got away with it (sic.)”it was Manolo Jiménez’s response.

Immediately, «Alito» Moreno gloated over the fact that the citizen perception was that his party would contribute to the fight against the pandemic, despite the fact that his contributions could not really be made.

«And you know when it will be given the requirements so that we can give the money, never transparency, trustfund, National Electoral Institute and civil society, but the perception with the people is that we do support (sic.)», said the national president of the PRI.

Said messages would apparently reveal the existence of certain assets at the party’s disposal that would be hidden from the authorities and, furthermore,it would not have the possibility of being delivered as contributions to attend, for example, the health emergency.

Rejection of gender parity Another of the issues addressed by Jiménez and Moreno in the conversations was the INE resolution for the parties to guarantee gender parity in the candidacies for the 2021 state elections.

The PRI members would have shown their disagreement with the electoral guidelines regarding gender parity. (Youtube/Layda Sansores)

 On November 6, 2020, the now candidate for governor of Coahuila wrote: “How did you see gender equality for governorships? It’s a blowjob right? (sic.)”, to which “Alito” responded with concern about the decisions that the party would have to make in the next electoral process.

«That is going to have to be impugn, we have to look for women to oppose that because imagine in this case in 23 [2023] we would have to define if the State of Mexico or Coahuila is a man or a woman, one of the two imagine,»this were the words of Moreno Cardenas. Given the «inconvenience» that gender parity was for the PRI members, Jiménez Salinas proposed that «everything would be fixed if [Alfredo] Del Mazo brought in one of his beaky women that he does bring there.

» Added to this, «Alito» Moreno was incredulous at the permanence of the principle of gender parity and, finally, both agreed to continue with the issue in person.

This is not the only time that the PRI leader has expressed his disagreement with gender parity, since for the 2021 electoral process in Zacatecas he would have nominated Claudia Anaya as a candidate for governor only to comply with the INE guidelines, despite this represented a «cost» for the alliance that Moreno would have hatch with Ricardo Monreal in favor of his brother, David Monreal.

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