• Companies that strictly comply with preventive measures against COVID-19 and the reopening of economic activities are recognized

For complying with the health protocols in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, this morning the Executive Power of the State of Campeche through the Secretariat of Tourism and with the endorsement of the Secretariat of Health and the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Copriscam ), gave the «Hotel del Paseo» and «Puerta Campeche / Uayamón» recognition as a Responsible Company.

In these joint actions of the state agencies of Tourism and Health, the sites stand out for complying with the sanitary protocols of action for the incorporation of good state hygiene and safety practices in the category of accommodation.

The delivery was in charge of the Secretary of Tourism, Jorge Manos Esparragoza and the Commissioner of the Copriscam, Santiago Rodríguez Adam, on behalf of the Secretary of Health, José Luis González Pinzón.

In a conversation with hotel representatives, the heads of Tourism and Copriscam, they invited the owners of establishments that are working to adhere to the provisions of the agreement establishing the Specific Technical Guidelines for the Reopening of Economic Activities.

Maintain measures such as the use of antibacterial gel, face masks, healthy distance, comply with the protocols in the sanitary filters that are installed, promote label sneezing, wash hands permanently and avoid going to work if they have respiratory diseases.

If the population observes any health anomaly that threatens public health and puts you at risk of contracting COVID-19, inform COPRISCAM, or 9-1-1 to enforce the established sanitary measures for health care.

Translated by Patricia Rubio

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