To give continuity to the evaluation process in the various indicators of the State Development Plan (PED) 2019-2021 and fulfillment of the objectives of the State Development Monitoring and Evaluation System (SIESED), the Planning Secretariat (Seplan) held the Workshop Training for the Development of Management Indicators, aimed at the Planning links of the dependencies of the Executive Power of the State of Campeche.

With the representation of the head of Seplan, Tirzo García Sandoval, the undersecretary of Municipal Development, Jorge Cervera Zetina highlighted the importance of following up on the efforts of the PED action lines and highlighted SIESED as a tool for systematic analysis and objective of the State Development Plan and compliance with the 2030 Agenda.

The workshop was aimed at preparing management indicators such as efficiency, effectiveness and impact, with the aim of providing the necessary tools for the construction of specific, measurable, achievable and relevant indicators that compare the established goals and results. in the execution of the State Development Plan.

70 officials from the state public administration participated in coordination with Seplan’s undersecretary for Evaluation, and the support of the Institute of Statistical, Geographical and Cadastral Information (Infocam).

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