Layda Sansores exhibit  airplanes that «Alito» Moreno had bought at election time.

In the most recent broadcast of her program «Martes del Jaguar», the governor of Campeche, Layda Sansores, presented a series of alleged messages from Alejandro «Alito» Moreno that  reveal various aircraft purchases in 2021 for millions of dollars.

Over the course of several months, the national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) reportedly maintained constant communication with the pilot Pablo Campdera, whom he reportedly asked for help in estimating the price of some aircraft models, as well  in finalizing his acquisition. .

«Send me the photos of the Citation, it must be like in two checks, brother, to enter it (sic.)», wrote «Alito» Moreno on February 23, 2020, alluding to a line of Cessna company planes, commonly used as aircraft of business.

In response, Campdera wrote “I’ll talk tomorrow to see what he has. I’ll let you know as soon as possible”, to which Moreno asked him to give him a price to pay “en cheeke”, that is, in cash.

Three days later, the pilot would have sent a message to the PRI leader to tell him that he had already obtained a model, with a price of 2.3 million dollars, equivalent to more than 40 million pesos (mdp) with wings (winglets). included.

It was a 1998 model Cessna Citation X that, by that date,it was already off the market. It would have been used by a professional golfer and champion in the United States, by a German citizen and by a client in Mexico.

A year later, on February 27, 2021 (already with the electoral process underway) Moreno Cárdenas resumed the conversation on the matter to ratify the cost of the aircraft.

«Hey Pablo, how much is the Citation X10 is the one I want.» His interlocutor mentioned, again, that its price was 2.3 million dollars, for which «Alito» asked him to share more photos of the vehicle and asked him how the payment could be made, since he was willing to offer quality products. luxury such as Richard Mille brand watches, whose models can cost more than 20 million pesos.

In doubt as to whether he could buy the aircraft with the watches, the PRI member mentioned that he also had cars available to carry out the transaction, although later he said «I’d better pay cash (cash)».

After a series of messages, «Alito» Moreno was convinced to purchase the 1998 model Citation X10 and Campdera explained that, for the purposes of purchase, it would be necessary to send it to the US «to change registration» and import it back to Mexico.

«Okay. Call him and tell him how can I paid it brother. I can give about 10 [mdp]of putaz* and pay about 3 monthly. Or I can give more”, explained Moreno.

Apparently, according to what was stated in the conversation presented by Layda Sansores, the deal would have been closed in April 2021. On the 4th of that month, the pilot acknowledged that he had already made a test flight and that by the 6th it would be ready. .

After the alleged purchase of the Citation X10 was made, on April 7 Campdera wrote to «Alito» to talk about a Phenom 300 plane from the Brazilian manufacturer Embraer that would have caught his attention.

“Phenom 300 2003 how much? That (sic.) is crazy,” asked the leader of the tricolor party. “Type Citation X10 type Fenom one verg *”, the official explained when talking about the type of plane he would like to buy.

The pilot proposed the option of buying an Embraer Praetor 500 adapted to carry between eight and ten passengers.

Regarding the model, «Alito» was willing to deliver a Hawker 800 (private jet) he owned in exchange for this last plane. «Hey, if they won’t accept the Hawker and I give them the difference and I give them 20 [mdp]cheek [in cash].»

Because these were the last messages presented by Governor Sansores, it is unknown if the deal was finalized, as well as the date on which he would have acquired it.

With the intention of protecting himself and his close friends, «Alito» Moreno would have ordered the elimination of all flight logs related to him since 2015, because in the event that they were made public, the aircraft that he had at his disposal would be known. as well  the trips he would have made.

Translated Patricia Rubio

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