…The Governor of Campeche attended “La Mañanera” as a guest of the President
…Maya Train to compensate the damage that the neoliberal governments caused to the economy of Campeche and the Southeast, highlights the President
…»We are going to worry about the silence of the bats, but also about the cries of hunger,» stressed the Governor

“For the South-Southeast, the Mayan Train is like a solar and social revolution, a call to care for the environment and to encourage productivity; create jobs and develop tourism. It is making the natural beauties of this region that is unmatched in the world available to everyone,” stressed the Governor, Layda Sansores San Román in her speech at the morning press conference of the President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, at the National Palace.
In today’s «La Mañanera», the President stressed that the Mayan Train is a project with which states in the southeast of the country, such as Campeche, which for many years was the main producer of crude oil in the nation, will receive what they are entitled to by justice. corresponds, and that the neoliberal governments denied them until they practically exhausted the oil fields and only favored the states of the North.
“Campeche benefits from the Mayan Train, because it has a section that goes from Tabasco to Campeche. Specifically from El Triunfo, Balancán, Tabasco to Escárcega, passing through Candelaria, and that is the corresponding section one. And then also the section through the jungle through Xpujil, through Calakmul to Escárcega. We are talking about more than 500 kilometers of Tren Maya just for Campeche, and we are very pleased that the Governor, Layda, is here”.
The Governor supported the President by stressing that with the Mayan Train project the economic projections of the entire South-Southeast region will double in 2030, but that, in addition, “it connects us with the future. It’s justice. Campeche has fresh wounds, but the Mayan Train came to reconcile us with hope”.
«The governments of men have always seen us with contempt, but the hand of God was inspired to create his masterpiece in this corner of the world,» said Sansores San Román.
“I feel proud that this passion of a man has been able to transform and move the horizon of the South-Southeast region. The Mayans would say: it is a colossal work that only the strength, will and passion of a man will make it possible to achieve. The 21st century will always be marked by the century of the Mayan Train: Thank you, Andrés Manuel, noble man, son of corn, son of the southeast; thank you, because you are giving the greatest work to my homeland girl ”, she stressed.
The Campechana president also referred to those who oppose the successes of President López Obrador and said that “we must understand those who do not understand, because what are they complaining about? that if the environment is not taken care of, that if the sleep and silence of the bats is going to be disturbed. There had never been so much ecological awareness”.
«What if. Yes, we are going to worry about the silence of the bats, but also about the cries of hunger. And with the support of our President, and María Luisa Albores, a super woman, the SEMARNAT secretary, Balam Kú and Balam Kin are added to the Calakmul reserve, and today Campeche can boast that it has the largest forest massif in Mexico , thanks to the Mayan Train”, he highlighted.
The Governor specified that «El Caballo de Fuego» will ride three times at the same time: it connects marginalized communities; connects with the glory and splendor of the Mayan civilization, because all the vestiges and archaeological centers are beautiful, «but forgive me, because those who want to know the color of the heart of the greatness of the giant Mayan people will have to come to Campeche ”.
He said that the Mayan culture made its capital, its center in Calakmul, which, as Andrés Manuel says, is the New York of the Mayan World, and that today they work in El Mirador, in Guatemala, where satellite technologies have found a wide and high avenue of 42 kilometers built by the inhabitants of these two pre-Hispanic cities.
“In the evaluation meetings that our President attends every 15 days, there I have understood the dimension of this project; the Southeast Train was built in 16 years: The section from Coatzacoalcos to Campeche in 16 years, and today this gigantic work (Maya Train) is intended to be done in four years, I feel moved by the courage and strength of our President and I I have to say; this not even in my dreams, ”she concluded.

The report on section 2, in Campeche, extends for 234 kilometers from Escárcega to Calkiní, and passes through six municipalities and 31 towns. It has two stations and three bus stops. For the safekeeping of trains, a garage will be built in Campeche, and a maintenance base for the good condition of the railway. 738 complementary works are carried out

s, and total inputs of ballast, sleepers and rails: Two railway bypasses, jobs and social actions, improvement program in the archaeological zones in X’kalumkin and Edzná. In the latter, a hotel is already being built.
Section 2 is in charge of the company CARSO. 97% of workers are hired and trained in the region. In machinery, there are 1,275 teams that work permanently on the project.
The advances of the 13 Well-being programs in section 2, in the state of Campeche, include 259,688 beneficiaries, with an investment of $7,377 million annually. The fund for the social infrastructure of the communities is also applied through an investment of $1,139 million.
In the same way, the fund is used for the security of section 2, which will be carried out in two ways: operational, with all the signaling, monitoring, communications and control center systems; the physical, through the presence of the National Guard that will be in the railway facilities, who will provide security to the archaeological zones, stations, whereabouts, hotels, and airports.
Ground and air patrols will be deployed with a helicopter and high-tech drones on the tracks. 375 elements will be deployed in section 2.
In the environmental aspect, from Escárcega to Calkiní, in flower rescue there are three nurseries with 85.3% high take. Fauna rescue with 2,122 individuals including reptiles, amphibians and mammals. In the Petenes Biosphere Reserve there is a social investment of $7 million, since it is part of the biological corridor of the Mayan Train.
In addition, the Campeche reforestation project is being developed with the planting of 50 million trees.

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