…Le Bellot confirmed the next arrival dates on December 18 and 28 of this year
…From 2019 to date, 12 tourist cruises have arrived at the Port of Seybaplaya; 8 from Compagnie Du Ponant and 4 from American Queen Voyages

With the arrival of the Le Bellot cruise ship of the French company Compagnie Du Ponant at the Seybaplaya Port of Height and Cabotage, Campeche continues to position itself as a destination for tourist cruises, along with the diversification of its economy, as Governor Layda Sansores San Roman has instructed, to take advantage of the entity’s port potential.

The general director of the Integral Port Administration, Agapito Ceballos Fuentes, and the Secretary of Tourism, Mauricio Arceo Piña, accompanied by immigration, naval and municipal authorities, welcomed the travelers and exchanged plates for being the first time they visit this port terminal.

As part of the Cozumel-Seybaplaya-Progreso-Water Cay, Honduras-Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala-Livingston, Guatemala-Ciudad Bélica-Cayo de la Medialuna-Cozumel route, the ship docked at platform 8 of the Port with 121 passengers and 124 crew members on board, with nationalities from the United States, France, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, etc. The next confirmed dates are December 18 and 28
Currently, an important market niche is served in this sector that adapts to the natural characteristics of our entity, with low-draft luxury cruises and a significant number of passengers.

Having the companies Compagnie Du Ponant and American Queen Voyages, from 2019 to date, a total record of 12 arrivals at the Port of Seybaplaya, being 8 from Ponant and 4 from AQV.

In the case of Le Bellot, which has a length of 131.46 meters, a beam of 18 meters and a draft of 4.7 meters, it is one of the 12 ships of the Ponant Explorer series that are part of the new generation of cruises that They sail under the French flag and have been awarded the CleanShip label.

The ships offer 92 elegant staterooms, including four suites; all cabins include a glass window and private balcony, offering a unique experience to walkers interested in getting to know cultural destinations, such as Campeche, in depth.

It is worth mentioning that the tourists were received with all the health measures and tourism stands; Subsequently, the authorities led by Ceballos Fuentes and Arceo Piña carried out the plate exchange protocol with the ship’s captain, Quentin Dubois, and toured the cruise ship facilities.

The protocol event was attended by Rear Admiral Alfredo Ramón Enríquez Delgado, from the Champotón Naval Sector; José Domínguez, representative of the Captaincy of the Port of Seybaplaya; likewise, representatives of Customs and the National Institute of Migration; Seybaplaya municipal authorities and the port manager, Benito Pacheco Arévalo.

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