…Colorful Parade of the  Pixanes with the participation of boys, girls, young people and adults

…Long route from the emblematic Pomuch cemetery to the main park.

Thousands of visitors, including national, international and Campeche tourists, accompanied the president of the State DIF System, Laura Sansores San Román to the traditional «Pomuch Festival for the World» in its 2023 edition, «A Place that Lives for its Dead» , in this town belonging to the municipality of Hecelchakán. During the cutting of the inaugural ribbon, they were with the president of the DIF, Miguel Ángel Gallardo, secretary of Administrative Modernization and Government Innovation; Fernando Gamboa Rosas, head of the Secretariat of Economic Development; Mauricio Arceo Piña , of Tourism; Esteban Hinojosa Rebolledo, general director of the Institute of Culture and Arts of the State of Campeche; Carlos Enrique Ucán Yam, general director of the Pablo García Foundation; and José Dolores Brito Pech, municipal president of Hecelchakán. Later they witnessed the colorful Parade of the Pixanes, during which there was the participation of boys, girls, young people and adults, who paraded from the emblematic Pomuch cemetery to the main park, characterized as catrinas and catrines with marigold flowers, candles, offerings and photographs of their family and loved ones to honor their memory. Also participating in this tour were the group «Los Aluxes», «The Gods of the Underworld of Dzitbalché, La Catrina Guerrera Maya, the ball game group, the representation of the Mayan calendar, revelers with the traditional dance of the Pig’s Head, The traditional ancient ritual of “cleaning bones” was recreated, considered an act of love and respect for the faithful deceased, which refers to bathing the body of the loved one, among other groups of the contingent. As tradition marks, attendees enjoyed a dance dedicated to the Mayan gods, with the sound of the seashell, the drum and the flute, the ball game began, presented by the group «Pop ta pok» from the municipality of Tenabo, ceremony that was admired and applauded by those present.

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