The Mexican Petroleum Congress began with five thousand participants and 700 stands

Campeche begins to receive what is rightfully due for its contribution to the country’s economy

«Oil is a source of pride and misery»: Layda Sansores

When welcoming the participants of the XVII Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP), Governor Layda Elena Sansores San Román stressed that oil has been a reason for contradictions for the people of Campeche because for a long time it was not appreciated that 80 was extracted from here. percent of the wealth that fed the entire country, but today with the vision of justice of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, there is now hope for progress and development.

Before the general director of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), Octavio Romero Oropeza, presidential representative for this event, Sansores San Román said that for the people of Campeche it is a cause for joy that this event is taking place in Campeche, but that this has caused mixed feelings.
“Suddenly, from the depth of the sea, from these enormous depths, came the oil that blesses or curses, because we are living in moments of many contradictions, oil was a reason for pride and a reason for misery, we felt that way for a long time until we A man arrived, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and he put the reflector on us and began to say Campeche deserves justice,» he pondered.
In front of more than 2,500 national and foreign congressmen gathered at the Campeche XXI International Convention and Exhibition Center, the president recognized in the general director of Pemex a «man of the corn» of whom she never doubted his support for that justice that the campechanos deserve
“He (Octavio Romero) told us: are you willing to challenge? And since we love challenges and we have learned that he defies challenges and is raising Pemex when the strategy was to destroy it; Today, little by little, we see how this great company that was the pride of Mexicans is doing it again and recovering all its strength and potential. And you had faith and here we are, ”she explained.
“It is curious, they knew that 80 percent of the oil that fed this country could come from here, but they doubted if we were capable of organizing the Mexican Petroleum Congress, that is our contradiction, those are the two parties found that we live in and that the municipality of Carmen lives in. We are a generous land, but we had not felt the hand of solidarity, so that you are here is a day of joy and celebration, «she said.
“This is an expression of affection and trust for this World Heritage land that is the New York of the Mayan World in Calakmul of which we are heirs. We are a grateful people, today we open the Land Gate, the Sea Gate and the doors of our hearts so that you are happy and that this congress is a success”, she concluded.


The general director of Pemex, explained that Governor Sansores San Román is a valuable ally of the Fourth Transformation, and a partner in that fight for many years whose objective is to make Mexico a better place for all and that is why it was decided to carry out this congress in the capital of Campeche.
«For Pemex’s exploration and production activities in the region, the support and synergy of this state is highly relevant to increase the operating efficiency of our company.»
Romero Oropeza gave a magisterial conference in which he shared figures, data and statistics that show Pemex’s recovery after the stratospheric fall as a result of the Energy Reform.
He specified that with the project of President López Obrador at the end of the current administration there will be a parastatal that guarantees self-sufficiency in fuels, 100 percent use of natural gas, as well as the production of phosphate fertilizers.
“The ordering of current spending represents 11.5 percent of the total spent during the administration of Felipe Calderón and 31 percent of the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto. Thanks to these austerity efforts, significant savings have been achieved that have strengthened our financial condition, ”he stressed.
He gave as an example that in four years of the current Pemex administration, 92 billion have been saved compared to the average annual spending in the government of Calderón Hinojosa, for which he assured that «austerity is highly profitable.»
«During 2022, in an adverse world scenario due to wars, the Federal Government managed to contain inflation and maintain the country’s economic stability through Pemex, using the higher income to subsidize fuel prices,» he highlighted.
He highlighted that the Fourth Transformation has allowed Pemex, in just four years, to leave behind the The pessimistic and malicious forecasts of the detractors of this government and that «its rescue is a fact», which has been achieved by the visionary policy of the President and the talent and effort of the technicians and workers.


For his part, Leonardo Aguilera Gómez, Executive President of XVII CMP, stressed that this event is a small tribute and thanks to an entity to which they are indebted because Campeche has a fundamental participation in the recent history of the Mexican oil industry.
“At the end of the 1970s, with the discovery of the first well, Chaac 1, large oil deposits were found, among them the Cantarell field, which at its peak production time reached more than two million barrels of oil per day, which placed to Mexico in the select group of exporting countries”, he recalled.
«Today, more than 44 years after that start, the Campeche Sound contributes with just over 50 percent of oil production and with 997 thousand barrels per day and remains the region with the highest production in the country,» he added.
He said that in addition, because of the beauty of the city and the State, because of the kindness of its inhabitants, because of the wonders it offers, because of its gastronomy, customs, traditions and culture, because of the peace and tranquility that is enjoyed, it was decided to carry out here this congress.


In this event that had a spectacular setting with a stage equipped with six giant screens and video mapping, the five associations that make up the Mexican Petroleum Council awarded recognitions to their distinguished members of the year.
Thus, Román Sánchez Martínez, Raúl Valle García, Dionisio Rodríguez Figueroa, Miguel Ángel Maciel were awarded, as was Javier Francisco Flamenco in posthumous homage.
At the end of the inauguration, the authorities moved to the exhibition area and cut the opening ribbon of the 700 stands installed, among them the one in Campeche, which looked wonderful according to the visitors.

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