…Governor Layda Sansores San Román attended the presentation of “Campeche, Vida, Color y Magia”
…Applauded show that showed the history and culture of our state within the framework of the Mexican Petroleum Congress

In an extraordinary presentation that highlighted the roots and cultural identity of the Campechanos, Governor Layda Sansores San Román, attended the show «Campeche, Vida, Color y Magia» where different dance schools, in addition to the group of the Artistic and Cultural Center «Leovigildo Gómez”, offered a multidisciplinary evening that included singing, music and dancing as part of the celebration of the Mexican Petroleum Congress (CMP).

Before hundreds of spectators at the Circo Teatro Renacimiento, the president of the State DIF, Laura Sansores San Román, thanked Campeche for hosting such an important congress and allowing us to show the historical wealth of our entity.

«Welcome to the land of the jaguar! We feel very proud at the State DIF to be part of this Mexican Petroleum Congress, presenting a show that we have prepared with great care, entitled Campeche, Vida, Color y Magia”, she expressed.

She recognized that this scenic gala «would not be possible without the efforts of teachers, students with and without disabilities, from our Leovigildo Gómez Artistic and Cultural Center, which is unique in the country»; and of course, with the participation of schools and dance companies.

In this ensemble of music, singing and theatricality, a journey through the history and culture of Campeche was represented, whose name -she pointed out- «is synonymous with good treatment, cordiality and closeness».

«A Campeche is touched, smelled, tasted and felt. We are a culture that is combined with many others; those that come from the Mayans and the Spanish. We belong to a culture so rich that it merged in the peninsular melting pot through the centuries and resulted in this magical experience that captivates the senses”, she emphasized.

Laura Sansores thanked the congressmen for giving themselves the opportunity to learn about the attractions that the state has and everything it has to offer visitors. «We want this congress to be a success. We can guarantee that they take Campeche with them and they will visit it again,» she exclaimed.

With this great oil event «you have sown hope and we will never forget this and thank you for living the experience and magic of our State,» she reiterated.

The attendees applauded the splendid choreographic exhibition that combined comparsas, dances, singing and the characteristic merriment of folklore, traditional rhythms and the enthusiasm of the people of Campeche.

It was attended by Ángel Cid Munguía, general director of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) Exploration and Production (PEP) and president of the Mexican Petroleum Council (CMP) 2023 and his companion, Erika Zamora Gloria; Leonardo Enrique Aguilera Gómez, executive president of the Mexican Petroleum Council and Reyna Magdalena Olivier Rodríguez, who attended with him.

Also present were Humberto Salazar Soto, national president of the Mexican Association of Exploration Geophysicists (AMGE), along with Alma Lilia Ramírez Ortega; Carlos Pérez Téllez, national president of the College of Petroleum Engineers of Mexico (CIPM) and Virginia Morales Ramírez; as well as Edgar Meza Pérez, president of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Mexico Section, among others.

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