Xamán was born from the racial and cultural miscegenation that characterizes the Mexican people.
His musical proposal includes a wide range of Latin rhythms (Afro-Antilleans, Jamaicans and Colombians, among others) from which new combinations are created, taking elements from folk music, jazz and rock, and using Mesoamerican instruments to print to the color, ambience and rhythmic compositions.

The group has been made up of various musicians at different stages and guest talents of the stature of Abraham Laboriel and Enzo Todesco have participated in their record productions.

Calakmul is a pre-Hispanic Mayan archaeological site, located in the southeast of the Mexican state of Campeche, in the Petenes region.

Emmanuel Mora

He has a career in Mexican jazz  more than
two decades, with a discography covering four
single records; Seasons, Songo Wes, Body and
Soul and Huellas, three with the Xamán group. In 1992,
after 10 years of dedicating himself to popular music,he
decided to focus only on pedagogy,and in the study and practice of jazz. Worked as director of the Guitar area of the University of the
Music and, in that context, took pedagogy courses,
teaching systems, developed plans
He studied his area and published his methods. In this
same institution played in large concerts with
international musicians like Scott Henderson, Alex
Acuña, Frank Gambale, Dave Weckl, John Patitucci, Chuck Silverman, Denis Badault and Simon Span- Hanssen.

Alejandro Mora

He started his music studies in 1987 in Jalapa
Veracruz. With 29 years of professional career he has
recorded 4 discs with Xamán and two discs like
soloist, and has participated in various recordings
as a composer, guitarist and bassist. Has shared
the stage with world-class musicians
such as: George Benson, Herbie Mann, Ivan
Lins, Dave Wekl, David Fiuczinsky, David Gilmore,
Eugenio Toussaint, and many more. He has participated in
various international festivals where:
The Cancun Jazz Week, Euro jazz, “Jazz Plaza” at the
Havana, Cervantino Festival. Has held conferences
at UNEAC in Havana with the theme: Las Ocarinas
from Calakmul. He currently directs the House of Music
«José Narváez Márquez» of the Ministry of Culture
of the State of Campeche

Rigoberto Pech

He started his musical studies in 2004 and since then
He has participated in projects like «Funk People».
“Chokoh Jazz”, the project of standards “Latin Pop” in
the one that interprets the most representative themes
from the jazz era with Latin rhythms, among others
musical work including session recordings
for advertising projects and musical direction
from the soundtrack of the program «Vive La Noche».
He has participated in Exa Fest, Festival
lnternational Jazz Festival, Festival del Centro
Historical (Campeche)

Rodrigo Mora

Producer, keyboard player and founder musician of Xamán.
He has been part of various productions for Sony Music as the keyboard player and music producer of Monica Naranjo, Enrique Iglesias, Garibaldi, Kabah, Paty Manterola, Pilar Montenegro and many  more.
With more than 28 years of experience working like a ingeniere of sound for live audience for various audience among which stand out Randy Brecker, Antonio Sánchez and different international Rock and Jazz festivals.
He currently directs the ICTUS recording studio, in which musical content is developed and locution for various brands, companies and institutions.


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