In order to guide, inform and send indications in case of presenting symptoms of COVID-19, the medical and epidemiological personnel of the Ministry of Health available to the call through the emergency number 911 or via text message to 59810 with the word «Covidcamp».

The preventive care system put in place by Governor Carlos Miguel Aysa González will allow the population to act and refer suspected cases of Coronavirus 24 hours a day and without having to go to the nearest hospital.

Upon receiving the call, a health professional will attend to the case, sending a medical brigade to the home, if necessary, that would apply the protocol of care consisting of a questionnaire about symptoms, physical contacts and general information.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Health requests the population to share travel information to the interior of the Mexican Republic in order to identify the route and symptoms of the disease, these measures are strictly necessary to control the spread of the virus in the state.

It is important to point out that, when complying with the parameters of a suspected case, the brigade with the corresponding protection team goes to the home to take the sample at COVID-19, and the recommendations for home isolation, family care are implemented; it is reported that if the person is a rightful holder of the IMSS, timely notice is given to be treated with the brigade of this Institute.

For national coverage, the Government of Mexico has the COVID-19MX application for mobile devices, where it provides guidance on coronavirus symptoms and facilitates contact with the Ministry of Health; In all these processes, the human rights of people are respected, protecting their confidentiality, without publicly disclosing their name and address.

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