The Campeche carnival is considered one of the oldest in America, celebrating its 442nd edition in 2024.

Being a tradition brought by the Spanish to Mexico, the first Carnival held in Campeche was in the year 1582, since that year, people attend with masks and costumes, horse-drawn carriages were seen parading through the streets; flower battles were fought; and they took walks in the afternoon to watch the troupes.

Since its arrival in the country to date, it is one of the most important and most anticipated carnivals by Campechanos, since it is known for the burial of the bad mood, its opening event to the carnival dates, the burial of the bad mood, It is a rag doll that represents bad mood with the figure of a pirate who is burned and paraded through the streets of the city to be placed in a coffin and set on fire giving way to joy and emotion.

The moment of joy comes with the coronations of the various kings, Thursday of the flower walk,  Friday of the children’s parade, Saturday of the bando ( adults ),  Sunday of the navy, concluding the parades with  Monday of campechanía, closing the festivities with the famous pintadera Tuesday.

Over the years, it has been implemented that the festivities in honor of King Momo are for the whole family, having children’s kings, Carnival kings, television kings, disability kings, LGBTQ+ kings and senior kings.

This 2024 the celebrations will be from Sunday, February 4 to Tuesday, February 13.

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